Property and Casualty Insurance Software

PRIME’s new Policy Administration System is a SaaS-based claims administration software designed with the latest technology, for property and casualty insurers of all sizes around the world. Supporting such standard practices as quoting, new business, and a multitude of other standard necessities for carriers, PrimePAS also offers its users a beautifully customizable insurance policy administration software — so you can tailor each aspect to your business’s specific needs.

PRIME’s property and casualty insurance software makes your business ready to adapt and deliver for the fast-paced, action-packed years ahead.


Policy Administration

PAS has been delivering SaaS core processing insurance software to property and casualty insurers of all sizes across the globe…

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PAS provides insurance software solutions to over 50 property and casualty insurers of all sizes across the globe…

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Claims Management

We’ve worked hard to build a group of exceptionally talented individuals who are passionate about our products…

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PrimePAS is one of the best insurance administration software systems on the market! Rather than uprooting our current system, it complements and works with the existing software by offering customized modules — such as underwriter workstations, ratings, and agent/consumer portals — that allow our business to function with optimal flexibility. Its common user interface promotes valuable consistency across multiple platforms, operations, products, and services.

PAS further enables non-technically trained staff members to work through the system on their own, making their own changes through configuration screens without any programming. This allows us to eliminate third-party IT teams and vendors for system edits, and vastly streamlines our daily and administrative operations.