PRIME’s Implementation – Methodology

So you’ve researched, read, and pored through every nitty-gritty detail of what PRIME has to offer your business. You know that our software is primed to support health, property, and even casualty insurance policy. But now you’re likely wondering: what exactly does a purchase and installation of Prime PAS look like?

The answer? It really is as easy as 1, 2, and 3.

1. Understanding and Envisioning (1-2 Months)

Consider this the initial “surveyor” stage; in order to begin customizing our insurance administration software for the carrier at hand, we need to get the lay of the land. Our analysts utilize the information provided by you — our client team — in order to fully grasp how your business, workflow, and data models operate before we begin construction and implementation. We completely familiarize ourselves with the automation requirements of your claims administration system, as well as the total spectrum of new features that will be configured into Prime’s policy management system.

Insurance Administration Software

2. Collaboration and Construction (6-8 Months)

After completing our final evaluations of your business and its needs, we begin collecting and organizing your specific requirements to work in tandem with the development teams to construct your customized Policy Administration system. In addition, we uniquely fully customize the integration of both downstream and external applications for your new system.

We work hand-in-hand with our customers every step of the way, carefully crafting our insurance claims management software to perform to your company’s specifications. The end result? It's a perfectly streamlined and efficient system that works like magic to suit your business’s individual needs.

3. Launch and UAT (1-2 Months)

After all that hard work, we finally see the fruits of our labor! We start our deployment process and acceptance testing immediately and simultaneously. We retain multiple deployment options based on our clients’ unique needs; depending on what your business sees fit, we are able to perform either cloud-based, SaaS-based, or even traditional in-house installations.

Total Timeline from Discovery to Launch: 8-12 Months