You already know that updating your policy management system is the key to improving all aspects of your business. But why choose PRIME?

The rapidly-evolving business challenges of the casualty insurance policy market are making it increasingly difficult for insurance carriers to keep up with customer and industry demands — particularly with their current legacy policy administration systems in place. Furthermore, the potentially enormous amount of time and money necessary to switch from legacy to more modern insurance policy administration systems can (understandably) serve as a rather hefty deterrent and has quite successfully kept many insurers from ultimately making the upgrade.

Your business needs a flexible, configurable environment in which to stretch its wings. PRIME’s insurance policy administration system offers insurance carriers complete, easy control over their products and processes with its simple three-step implementation process. Additionally, we enable you to place significantly less dependence on an external IT team, all thanks to our software’s optimal configurability and zero programming requirements post-installment. Within weeks, your company will be much more adaptive and competitive in the casualty and property insurance market!

PrimePAS’s property and casualty software makes it as easy as 1, 2, and 3. Businesses often avoid upgrading to newer data models due to the serious inconvenience, and we get it — data migration is a financial and time-consuming challenge to any company. That’s where we come in! Our implementation is swift and unobtrusive, with little to no disruption to your daily business operations.


  • Quotes, Rates, Bindings
  • Policy Issues and Generations
  • Policy Servicing — Endorsements (In sequence/Out of sequence)
  • Renewals, Cancellations, Rewrites
  • Reinstatements
  • Underwriter Workflow Management


Product Management

Build all rules and workflows in just a few weeks while maintaining existing products with our flexible version control.

Rules and Rating

Customize your rules maintenance with our insurance rating engine to easily build, map, and maintain various rate levels and rating algorithms without conflict.


Tap into rules creation, referral and knockout workflow definition, scorecards, inspection requirements, and other UW reports that are all available within the UW modules.

Forms Management

Maintain thousands of static and dynamic forms by simply uploading the forms and supplying the conditions.


Choose or change vendors for third party data or supporting applications. PRIME’s framework allows for easier, faster replacement of old vendors and integration of new ones.

Carrier Management

Add and maintain any number of producers, agencies, branches, and departments. Integrate with producer and commission systems to generate reports.

User Management

Create login features and access restrictions by defining roles and permissions to agents, underwriters, state managers, actuaries, and customer service reps.

Agency Management

Choose any Agency Management system with the PAS framework and the ACORD model support.


  • Discovery and Envisioning (1-2 months)
  • Collaboration and Construction (6-8 months)
  • Launch & UAT (1-2 months)
  • Timeline from Discovery to Launch: 8-12 months

Prime Product and Policy Along with some Modules

Policy Administration System

Make this a User Management

The User Management module allows the Insurers to provide the Login features and the access restrictions by defining roles and permissions to Agents, Underwriters, State Managers, Actuaries and Customer Service Representatives.

Based on the type of Agency or the role of an Underwriter the access to each and every user of the PRIME PAS can be configured by the Super Admin of the Product.

Agency Management

PRIME PAS framework and the ACORD model support help the Insurers to choose any Agency Management System.